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By Louise Smyth

Matt Smyth

After loosing my 25 year old son Matt in a horrific hit and run accident, I decided to channel my energy into starting a foundation in my son’s name.

My son’s killer received an insulting sentence of 14 months , of which only 5 was served. Part of my journey as a grieving mother has been learning about sentencing guidelines in these types of cases and I have had many conversations with others, who were equally shocked to hear of how regularly low sentences are being handed out on a daily basis to ‘hit and run killers’. Even more reason to make this foundation in my son’s name, a foundation for change, a change in a system that is broken!

To add to what has already been a soul destroying year, Matt’s best friend Paul Wood was also killed whilst out on his motorbike in a hit and run incident. Both killed within 9 months of each other. This has been the catalyst to take our cause all the way to Number 10!!

Paul Wood

Amendment 12/05/2020

Okay Ladies & Gentlemen, so with the current Covid-19 we are all currently facing, we the team will be cancelling this years Road Safety Awareness Family Fun Day.

Please all stay safe, we look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Louise, Helen & all the RIP Team

15th November 2021 4pm – Parliament will be debating Hit and Run deaths on the road.

Watch on Parliament TV, This is what we have been waiting for – all these years !

If you can come down and show your support, it would be appreciated!

Don’t forget we are here to help as many families as we can, maybe too late to get justice for your lost family member or friend, but we together can hopefully help others that find themselves in this awful situation we are facing..

Facebook page is HERE!