Ok one feels the needs to explain this page and what we are trying to achieve,

In 2017 the government agreed, to change sentencing for death by dangerous/careless driving and also look into failing to stop! i.e. hit and run, this was 2017 and still we are waiting and how many 100’s have been killed since they agreed this?

Far too many, the group as we stand are here to get them to move their bottoms, brexit has been their excuse over the last 8 months if not longer. A discussion as we posted at the time was held in parliament, with no actual date or time frame of when the government would actually get around to actually changing something they agreed to do 2 years ago!

This is where we come in, we the victims, and victims family and friends, or those that have never been a victim but fully support this campaign come in. We at RIP are here to tell the government that enough senseless road deaths is enough, given the right deterrent especially hit and run, maybe people would be more inclined to stay and help the victim they have just hit, therefore it would just merely be an accident, providing said driver wasn’t drunk, on drugs or on their phone.