The Matt Smyth Memorial Foundation

Having lost my husband 18 years ago on the road, leaving 2 sons fatherless, then loosing Mathew my son only a short while ago, in a hit n run leaving his unborn child without there daddy, knowing how difficult it had been for them. I promised Mathew I’d make sure something good came from this horrific accident, so with that in mind The Matt Smyth Memorial Foundation was conceived. With the help of friends and family This Foundation will Help children who have lost a parent in road traffic accidents. To register as a charity we need to firstly raise £5000, so with this in mind we have organised several events already. This will be a national charity, so will eventually help children all over the U.K.

Brake is a useful charity and we are looking to help and contribute to Brake’s help and support.

Brakes’ webpage is here

Please click here for Louise’s JustGiving page

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